Christmas is just around the Corner! 
Busy with house parties and a few, fun Christmas shows coming in the days ahead.
Upcoming Events
City of Ottawa
Nov 12th, Dec 5th, 10-3pm
100 Constellation Nepean
Algonquin College
Nov 14th, 2:30-5:30pm
Pembroke Campus
Prescott Xmas Show
Nov 16th, 9-4pm,
S. Grenville District HS 
Herb Garden Christmas Bazaar
Nov 24th, 4-8pm
3840 Old Almonte Rd
Beckwith Christmas Craft Show
Nov 30, 10-3pm
Beckwith Rec Complex
Book your Event!
If you are interested in organizing a Home Party, or a Corporate Fundraising Event, call or email to discuss and reserve a date.

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