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City of Ottawa
Nov 12th, Dec 5th, 10-3pm
100 Constellation Nepean
Algonquin College
Nov 14th, 2:30-5:30pm
Pembroke Campus
Prescott Xmas Show
Nov 16th, 9-4pm,
S. Grenville District HS 
Herb Garden Christmas Bazaar
Nov 24th, 4-8pm
3840 Old Almonte Rd
Beckwith Christmas Craft Show
Nov 30, 10-3pm
Beckwith Rec Complex
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Silver Desire
Almonte, ON





Taxco, Mexico

“Silver Town”


We love Mexico.  The people, the food, the climate!  And so many wonderful products.  Mexican glassware, tile, blankets, baskets, beautiful hand crafts, and of course, silver.


Who doesn’t love Mexican silver!  Anyone who has ever visited Mexico will know, beautifully crafted silver jewellery is one of the most recognized of fine exports available throughout much of the country.  In most major cities and tourist areas you will find retail shops dedicated to sale of silver, and at beachside resorts everywhere, you find vendors offering their wares… always, “ at a special price for you, my friend” ….


The majority of silver jewellery sold throughout Mexico is crafted in and around the city of Taxco.  Taxco, known as the “Silver Town”, is the old historic silver mining town located in the state of Guerrero, in Central Mexico.   Today, there is very little mining activity, but the tradition of silvermaking and of art of fine jewellery craftsmanship remains and continues to thrive.